Crown Colony has two methods of security that operate 24/7.  We have video cameras monitoring both inbound and outbound traffic at our four entrances, the guard shack and the Champions @ Champions intersection.  Additionally, we have video cameras at our pool and pickleball and tennis courts.  To supplement the video cameras, we have state of the art Flock Safety license plate reader (LPR) cameras at all of our entrances and exits.  These LPR cameras shoot a picture of every vehicle that passes through our gates including golf carts, motorcycles and bicycles.  On any given day, we have over 8,000 vehicles enter or exit Crown Colony; almost a quarter of a million every month.  The Flock Safety system takes a picture of every one of them.

If you have a security situation that requires immediate attention, call the Lufkin Police Department or 9-1-1.

Response on immediate security actions has historically been three minutes or less.


Security Tips

Keep garage doors down if you are not in the area.

Keep windows up and doors locked on vehicles in your driveway.  DO NOT leave anything of value, or even anything that looks valuable, in the car seats where someone might break out a window to get it.  And most importantly of all, DO NOT LEAVE KEYS OR FIREARMS IN THE CAR EVEN IF HIDDEN!

We highly recommend you have security cameras recording activity outside (and inside) of your home.  There are numerous video surveillance systems that are very affordable; RING and WYZE are two of the most popular.  THEY WORK!!!